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For some students who wish to study abroad, the statement of purpose can be one of the most daunting components of the program application.The good news: it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first!This will help you if something is lost, stolen or ruined. You will need to bring enough money to cover the expenses you plan to occur, and extra in case of an emergency.

You will possibly have to exchange these for the type of denomination used in the country you are visiting.

It is imperative that you get the vaccinations recommended for the country you are visiting, to avoid sickness and possible death. Students who have studied abroad have reported learning and developing many things.

After you’ve had some time to clear your mind, you’ll likely come back to edit your essay with a fresh perspective and as a result more easily catch mistakes you may not have otherwise caught!

Finally, before you send it off, double (and triple) check to make sure that you haven’t overlooked any requirements for the statement of purpose.

Having these sentences drafted will help you quickly move forward after your outline is complete.

Let’s take a look at each paragraph, and sample sentences for each.After all, you’ve come this far in the study abroad research process, so chances are you’ve already given thought to what the essay requires you to write about.As long as you don’t rush and take the time to create a solid outline, your study abroad application statement of purpose will truly shine.Of which included bilingual skills, gaining knowledge of the country they visited, its people, culture, and heritage.They also said they gained knowledge of the countries society, economy, politics and its role in the world (Dolby, 2004).You might also need visas depending on the country you are visiting.You may also want to think about investing in insurance for the goods you are bringing with you.Consider following the steps below to help make this process easy and straight-forward.Open up a blank Word document, and get down the general essay components: Introduction Paragraph 1 Paragraph 2 Paragraph 3 Conclusion Now that you have the foundation laid out, you can complete your outline by creating a couple compelling sentences for each paragraph.I’ve been thinking about writing this post for quite some time; however, recently I was a reviewer for a national scholarship competition and it’s time that I share the step-by-step process that I wish all students would take for essays. With your favorite highlighting tool, find all of the things that the reviewing committee might be looking for. However, all of those words were used for a reason.


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