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Student Thesis Statements-88
Present your position or point of view as a statement or declarative sentence.

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Present your argument or position clearly and precisely.

A clear thesis statement will avoid generalizations and make your position known.

Now that you have completed that step, you can extract a thesis statement based on the research you have discovered.

Weak Thesis: Does car exhaust impact climate change?

When introducing students to writing thesis statements, it is important that they understand that thesis statements are drawn from an analysis of evidence.

After conducting an inquiry based on primary and secondary sources, model how to move from the inquiry question, through a summary of evidence derived from relevant sources, to a draft of a thesis statement.It guides the focus of your research and the direction of your arguments, and also prevents any unnecessary tangents within your project.A strong thesis statement will always make it easier to maintain a clear direction while conducting your information search.For example, a thesis statement on the causes of the American Civil War might be: “While there were several specific causes of the Civil War, the overriding cause was the issues of the powers of the federal government vs.states’ rights.” The reader now knows that you are going to “prove” this main point in the body of your work.Weak Thesis: The lack of funding in public schools is a major issue in the American education system.Stronger Thesis: Underfunding arts programs in public schools does not adequately prepare students for college.Weak Thesis: I think using your cell phone while driving is the leading cause of traffic deaths for people in my age group.Stronger Thesis: Cell phone use is the leading cause of traffic deaths in teenagers.Thesis statements are one sentence long and are focused, clear, declarative, and written in third person voice.Read the sections below for more information and view examples.


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