Squealer Propaganda Essay

Squealer, as the chief propagandist of the regime, is prominent in the story and Orwell defines the path down which small lies lead to bigger lies.

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To prevent the animals from suspecting them, Squealer preys on the animals' confusion and alters the Commandments from time to time as the need arises.

Squealer falls off a ladder while trying to change one of the commandments in the night.

This reflected Orwell's view that events in Russia following the Revolution of 1917 had followed an unwelcome path, and that the egalitarian socialism he believed in had there become a brutal dictatorship built around a cult of personality and enforced by terror and lies.

Orwell wrote, "All people who are morally sound have known since about 1931 that the Russian régime stinks".

He is described in the book as an effective and very convincing orator. In the 1954 film, he is a pink pig, whereas in the 1999 film, he is a Tamworth pig who wears a monocle.

Throughout the novel Squealer is highly skilled at making speeches to the animals. Under the rule of Napoleon, Squealer does things to manipulate the animals.He is Napoleon's (Stalin's) key to propaganda for the farm (Soviet Union).Throughout the book, Napoleon and Squealer broke the Seven Commandments, the tenets on which governance of the farm is based.This paper was Stalin's key to propaganda, and was very powerful to proletarians (represented by Boxer, the horse).Squealer takes the central role in making announcements to the animals, as Napoleon appears less and less often as the book progresses.So, to the question of why Napoleon appropriated milk and apples, Squealer refers to the useful substances necessary to support the pigs’ health.At the same time, he emphasizes that only for the sake of the common good Napoleon is forced to eat them.Near the start of the book, it is said that he was very convincing and could turn "black into white".This foreshadows several euphemisms he uses to maintain the control of the barn through difficult times.Squealer represents Vyacheslav Molotov who was Stalin's protégé and head of Communist propaganda.It is also possible that Squealer represents the Soviet newspaper, Pravda.


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