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Mark s X Y 2 (ii) Give the function of structure Z.(c) Give one difference and one similarity in the structure of plant and animal cells.Marks 2 (d) 1 Question 8 (c) (d) Acceptable Answer Not acceptable Stage 2 Nuclear membrane disappears / breaks down or Spindle forms or Chromosomes / (pairs of) chromatids / they move to equator / middle of cell Chromosomes shorten and thicken Chromatids join together at centromere Stage 4 Chromatids / they separate or Chromatids / they are pulled apart or Spindle fibres shorten So there is no loss of information / So they have the same information (as parent cell) / So they have a full set of information / genes / all genes passed on Chromosomes / chromatids split Chromosomes separate So they have all the characteristics of the species – negates So they function properly So they have correct information Same genetics To stop mutation (negates) Mark 1 1 1 St Gr.

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Mark s Complete the table below to show the names and functions of some of these labelled parts.

Question Answer Photosynthesis/makes food 1 (a) Traps/absorbs/takes in light Contains chlorophyll vacuole controls/allows/lets/entry and exit (of materials) All 3 = 2 marks 2/1 = 1 mark Unacceptable Negates Marks Selectively permeable One direction only Protects/holds cell together Decides/chooses things 2 Transport across cell membranes St Gr.

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______________________________________________________________ (b) ______________________________________________________________ (b) Cells from the same plant tissue were placed in three different liquids, left for 20 minutes and then examined using a microscope.

The following diagrams represent cells from each liquid.List oxygen glucose carbon dioxide Marks (a) Substance selected ______________________________ (i) Explain why its diffusion is important.______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ 2 (ii) Where does its diffusion take place?(ii) Explain why the animal cell would stay the same size when it is placed in an isotonic solution.Question 1 (b) i ii Acceptable Answer Not acceptable Negates Vacuole/cytoplasm shrunken Membrane/cytoplasm pulled away from wall/cytoplasm concentrated Plasmolysed/flaccid no net water movement/ equal water/osmosis in and out Equal (water/salt) concentration inside and out/ no concentration gradient Other single words eg shrunken Plasmolysis Nothing happens Water does not move in or out Solution moving It/cell shrinks Mark 1 1 Any reference to cell wall Water/salt equal Int 2 2013 B Q4 2 A model cell was made using a visking tubing bag filled with a starch and amino acid solution.2011 Q8 (a) & (b) The process of diffusion is important to organisms.From the list below, select a substance which is involved in diffusion and answer the questions which follow.It was placed into a beaker of water and left for two hours.1 Marks (a) i, ii & iii (i) Amino acids were detected in the water outside the model cell. (ii) Why would no starch be detected in the water outside the model cell?Which cell is most likely to have been placed in pure water? Cell _________ Reason ____________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ __ _________________________________________________________________ 1 Question Answer Substance 8 (a) (i) Importance appropriate use for named substance = 1 mark Location (b) Unacceptable oxygen needed for respiration / to release energy / removal of waste glucose needed for respiration / energy source carbon dioxide removal of waste/ needed for photosynthesis lungs / alveoli / air sacs / cells / tissues / examples like muscle / placenta / mesophyll / capillaries / cell membrane / red blood cells / stomata villus / small intestine / cells / tissues / placenta / capillaries Lungs / alveoli / air sacs / cells / examples of tissues / mesophyll / placenta / capillaries / stomata Appropriate site for diffusion (need not match importance) = 1 mark Cell A (Cell) has increased in volume / (Cell) is turgid / (Cell) is swollen / (Cell) vacuole has swollen / cell wall stretched 1 mark Oxygen – waste product from photosynthesis / needed for chemical reactions Specific organs named other than lungs or placenta Cell has absorbed water / bloated (not negating) St State two properties of simple sugar molecules which allow them to be absorbed Gr. 2013 7 (b) ii 1 Marks 2 Question 7 (b) ii Acceptable Answer Small Soluble both correct either order = (accept both answers on one line as long as not negated by additional incorrect information) Not acceptable Mark Int 2 The diagram below shows a model cell that was set up to investigate diffusion 2011 through a selectively permeable membrane. Q2 Predict the colour changes which would be observed after one hour.Question Acceptable Answer 2 B Marks Int 2 2012 A Q3 Marks Question 3 Acceptable Answer C Int 2 2012 A Q4 Marks Question 4 2013 Acceptable Answer D The diagrams below show two cells.


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