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If your professor is struggling to communicate why Plato thought Democracy sucks, tell him.

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What follows is one of the most famous moments in Spongebob history.

Spongebob suddenly decides that he is going to give the essay his heart and soul.

I’m trying to outline the weird self doubt and anxiety I experienced facing this whole second post thing, because that is how I truly felt and still feel as I type these words.

As my friends and family could attest, I’ve been trying to spread “whyharmony.com” to everyone I possibly can.

He boldly claims he is “going to write the greatest essay of all time.” So, Spongebob locks himself away in his pineapple, sits down at his desk, sharpens his pencil, and titles his paper “What Not to Do At a Stoplight.” Then, the clock starts ticking, and Spongebob doesn’t write anything.

The camera pans from the clock on the wall, and zooms in on Spongebob looking like this: At this point, Spongebob is clearly losing his grip on his mental composure.The reason the quote “To be trusted, be vulnerable” stood out to me so much was because I’ve noticed how much people respect and appreciate honesty.And oftentimes, being honest requires being vulnerable.Since the days of my first post “An Epiphany About How I Was Being Dumb”, I’ve talked to family, friends, and a couple of professors about their thoughts on the blog.The responses have been overwhelmingly positive, and as you would expect, in the days since I have felt incredibly inspired and excited about what my blog could become.And for the most part, I’ve had a blast advertising my first little post.And while it has been really exciting, it has also been really scary.In a world where Taco Bell is constantly trying to convince you their food is healthy, a world where Facebook acts like they actually give a fuck about your 19th birthday, a world where swimsuit models are photoshopped to fit an absolutely unrealistic paradigm of beauty, it is refreshing to have somebody tell you the truth of what they really feel.If your roommate leaving his dirty laundry all over the floor leaves you wanting to strangle the oxygen out of his lungs, then you should tell him.His television starts reporting a story about a local Sponge who won’t write his essay: And it turns out it had all been a nightmare. When he checks the clock, he has five minutes until class starts and the paper is due. “What Not to Do At a Stoplight” is feed your pet snail, or clean your kitchen, or squats, or spray disinfectant on your garbage.And in two minutes of writing, Spongebob completes his 800 word essay: For those of you who made it through my digression into the deep and allegorical world of Spongebob Squarepants, I’ll try to explain how Spongebob’s battle with his inner demons connects to me: Facing writing my second post in the Cal Poly Library, I started to experience pangs of anxiety and stress.


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