Solving Environmental Problems

Solving Environmental Problems-23
Many now have forgotten that the ozone layer used to be one of the biggest worries back in the eighties.The atmosphere’s ozone levels were dropping fast, and nobody knew why.Keeping a natural balance is the main task and means to avoid irreversible destruction.

But history shows that the countries of the world have previously managed to solve big environmental crises.

Even though climate change is now ongoing and can no longer be completely averted, we still have the chance to avoid the worst consequences, according to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Current environmental issues in Nigeria are closely connected with the population growth.

Like any other country, it uses resources to provide residents with good living conditions.

Thus, it is up to people to do everything possible to reduce its harmful influence and improve the state of the environment.

Nine in ten Danes are worried about climate change, and one in five do not believe that humanity can do much about it.

In 1987 scientists managed to prove that the problem was caused by mankind.

The ozone layer was breaking down because of emissions of the so-called CFC gasses that used to be essential for the production of refrigerators and deodorants.

These are some of the findings from the latest annual surveys conducted by Concito, a Danish think-tank specialising in environmental issues.

But based on lessons learnt from decades of struggling with environmental problems, it seems that the countries of the world can accomplish a lot in a short time, when they manage to work together.


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