Solving Behavior Problems In Autism

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When it’s time for a transition, show the student a photo on the schedule of the next activity as you tell him, “In five minutes we are going to _______.” Then let him watch you set a timer for five minutes.When the timer dings, show him the photo again and tell him, “Time for _______.” When you use some visual strategies to help your student understand what will be happening, he or she will probably “shift gears” and transition more smoothly.This is important to know One of the most important discoveries about these children is that they tend to understand what they see better than they understand what they hear.

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Stopping play to do something different is a typical transition time when kids can protest.

Many children, particularly young ones, will protest when change occurs, but children with autism are likely to have even more trouble and even bigger meltdowns.

Using a picture schedule is a simple way to use visual strategies to help students through problem transitions.

In the morning, create a schedule with the student to give him information about what will be happening during the day.

First, these children might be paying attention to something else, and they don’t realize we are talking to them.

By the time they “shift” their attention to us, they may be “tuning in” in the middle of the message or we may even be done talking.That means it is easier for them to understand visual information than it is to understand what you say. Many other children are also visual learners, but children with autism rely more on what they see and less on what they hear than other children do.Here’s what to do Capturing their strength in understanding visual information is the goal.Similarly, children with autism may feel more comfortable in transitioning through everyday activities if they can visualize what step happens next.The Stages Learning Sequencing Cards can be used to break down common activities into smaller steps for review with your child.Additional studies of the questionnaire’s validity are underway, researchers said.Many behavior problems develop because children do not understand.When children don’t understand what is happening or why something is changing or what choices they have, the result can be major behavior issues.Parents and teachers easily become confused and frustrated because they aren’t sure why the difficulties are occurring.The 17-item survey is designed to help spot gastrointestinal problems in those on the spectrum.Individuals with autism are four times more likely than others to have such issues, but may go undiagnosed, researchers say.


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