Solve My Math Word Problems

Solve My Math Word Problems-9
Imagine the first group of pencils joining together with the second group and forming one large group.

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Children with attention issues can get distracted by the words or lose focus on the task at hand, which leads to confusion with the math.

And children who are impulsive can be so hasty that they don’t notice key parts of the problem.

When helping your child with math homework, encourage him to get into the habit of matching an index card to a phrase in each word problem.

You can also ask your child to close his eyes and try to picture what’s happening in the problem.

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To get the right answer, your child has to be able to read the words, figure out which mathematical operations to use and then perform the calculations correctly.

She spends one hour at the store and buys three more pencils. ” Number sentence: “2 3 = ____.” Some kids can picture a number sentence like this one in their heads. Either way, there’s a lot your child has to think about before getting to the point where he can calculate that the answer is 5.

To translate a word problem into a number sentence, your child has to understand the language and concepts of math.

This can help your child maintain focus and avoid making impulsive decisions.

You can also encourage him to use blank pieces of paper to cover all of the problems except the one he’s doing.


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