Solve Marriage Problems

You get to temporarily escape your usual stressors and a relaxing or romantic environment might help you reconnect with your partner.

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For example, you might decide to bring communication books and practice new techniques or go on an adventure trip and trust your partner to protect you.

Write the goals down so that you can take them on vacation and refer to them if you need redirection.

Initially, if the search is taking longer than expected, you may lower your standards.

This expands your search to include people that may not hold some of the same values as you do.

Come up with ways to continue the progress and to implement solutions you hit upon.

It's easy to let things slide back to the way they were if you don't have a plan and immediately implement it.

The problem with lowering your standards is two-fold.

You not only abandon some very important characteristics that you initially “need” your spouse to have, but you also heighten your expectations for that person because of your sacrifice.

You’ve most likely carried some of your own deep afflictions with you for the majority of your life.

You cannot pass this issue off to someone simply after knowing them for just a few years. Household chores, child raising, extended family dinners, holidays, etc.


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