Solid Dispersion Phd Thesis

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Keywords: Fusion method, hot melt extrusion method, solid dispersion, solvent evaporation method, stability of solid dispersion, supercritical fluid methods How to cite this URL: Vijay J, Sahadevan JT, Gilhotra RM.

A basic insight into the stability and manufacturing aspects of solid dispersions.

Chron Young Sci [serial online] 2012 [cited 2019 Sep 7];-105. 2012/3/2/95/98668One of the most important problems faced by the drug formulators all over the world is the poor solubility of drug candidates.

Most of the work currently going on in the drug formulation technology field is mainly concentrated on increasing the solubility characteristics of the drug synthesized.

Class 3 drugs have permeation as the rate-limiting factor.

Solid Dispersion Phd Thesis International Essay Goi Peace

The strategy for this class of drugs depends on the transport mechanism over the permeation membrane.

A pharmaceutical literature survey related to solid dispersions revealed that the dissolution behavior of a number of poorly water-soluble drugs have been altered with the help of solid dispersion techniques.

The oral bioavailability of Class 2 drugs can be increased.

Discussion on stability of solid dispersions The dissolution characteristics and chemical integrity of a solid dispersion must remain unaltered during its shelf life period.

For accomplishing optimum stability in a solid dispersion, the molecular mobility should be as low as possible.


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    One potential solution to this problem is to formulate such compounds as solid dispersions, whereby the drug is dispersed in a carrier matrix in the solid state. In this thesis, the hypothesis that a number of drug-drug and drug-polymer intermolecular interactions influence the physical stability and dissolution performance of solid dispersions.…

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    Abstract. Solid dispersions were prepared using various drugs to polymer ratios. PEG 8000 was selected like a carrier within the solid dispersions. The research says inclusion of drug inside the polymeric matrix, ratio of drug to polymer and physicochemical qualities from the drug molecules boost the dissolution rate.…

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