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The sociological approach to education is crucial because it provides conclusions based on focused and tested observations.Without such an analysis, one cannot know what is; and without knowing what is, one cannot make what ought to be a reality.

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Functionalist sociologists begin with a picture of society that stresses the interdependence of the social system; these researchers often examine how well parts are integrated with each other.

Functionalists view society as a kind of machine, where one part articulates with another to produce the dynamic energy required to make society work.

I have a 30 mark question to do on my sociology mock paper Analyse the view that gender difference in both subject choice and education acheivement are mainly the result of a wider society.

Im so stuck because I dont have a clue on how to set it out, how many paragraphs/points to do or how to write the paragraphs.

The distinctive feature of the sociology of education is empiricism, or the collection and analysis of empirical data within a theoretical context in order to construct a logical set of conclusions.

Thus, the sociology of education relies on empirical methods to understand how schools are related to society, how individuals and groups interact within schools, and what the effects of schooling are for individuals and groups of children.During this period, more and more children were required to go to school, and sociologists began to examine the relationship between school and society.As schooling became more available to increased numbers of children, many believed that schools would be critical to a modern era where merit, talent, and effort would replace privilege and inheritance as the most significant factors for social and occupational mobility.I did an answer earlier but lost it when the browser crashed.... That gives you coverage of how it manifests itself. Then explore the idea that its a result of societal factors (state what a societal factor is- definition) .4-6 total or 2-3 each for subject choice and education. Then analyse that and look at how influential and how credible that theory is. Then consider what your stance is with the question and explore whether there are other influences besides society that influence things.Revisit the central question, sun up and say where you stand on whether societal factors are the main influence and add in your views that they are, are not or with exceptions why other factors need to be considered.That would be a rough way I would answer the question, but streamlined dependent on whether I wanted to argue one side or the other.Most important, functionalism stresses the processes that maintain social order by stressing consensus and agreement.Although functionalists understand that change is inevitable, they underscore the evolutionary nature of change.You can also look at revision books Exemplar answers from the exam bard website. A sociology education essay must address a social issue and expound on its impact on education or how it is impacted by education.


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