Social Determinism Essay

Social Determinism Essay-84
It is the choice of individuals which direct the process and outcomes through technological innovations. Even though technological advancement leads us to changes in economic, political, and cultural aspects of society, ultimately it is the man who invented technology and decide to use them in a certain way.

This first volume reintroduces the notions of dialectic and agency back into the debate about media studies and tackles head-on the question of technological determinism, which Wayne describes as establishing a ‘rampant discourse’ in many recent texts in the field.

Technology is able to bring about changes in so many different ways.

According to Marshall Mc Luhan, he mentioned that we should pay attention to the form of a medium rather than the content it carries.

For the past centuries, development of technology has played a critical role in improving and shifting the ways certain activities are used to be done, particularly human activities.

There have been discussions regard of the influences in which technological innovations impose on the development of society’s cultural values and norms, such belief is called ‘Technological Determinism’.


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