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Does anyone have an idea what it is that went wrong or that I am missing?

20 April 2017, AM Hi Antonella, Great that you could resolve your problem. We are head down fixing things for the upcoming release of 17.04 and want to get the release candidate 2 out this week.

This article describes the major changes and improvements in smarty 3 comparing to smarty 2.

The Smarty 3 API (as of beta 8 ) has been refactored to a syntax geared for consistency and modularity.

- done reading done reading plugins plugins plugins custom function How can we get started?

mkdir libraries cd libraries wget ... // back to the main application folder // Smarty requires four directories which are by default named templates/, templates_c/, configs/ and cache/ // Each of these are definable by the Smarty class properties $template_dir, // $compile_dir, $config_dir, and $cache_dir respectively // You can verify if your system has the correct access rights for these directories with test Install(). so instead of settung up a condition for the language around each euro sign. now there is another new language but they not paying with euro.This can be disabled by setting smarty-auto_literal = false; * The Smarty 3 API is a bit different.Many Smarty 2 API calls are deprecated but still work.What was odd is that the path, which relies on an assigned global variable, was being assigned in another previous subtemplate.I really like the smarty documentation but sometimes its hard to find easy stuff... i want to use a var which is set at the start of my template once with the language condition like: Why not set it outside the template, in the code, where you assign the price to the template? Templates are supposed to control the presentation; anything to do with logic belongs in the code driving it.Basically, all Smarty methods now follow the "foo Bar Baz" camel case syntax.Also, all Smarty properties now have getters and setters.Hello, I’m trying to write a module altering a couple of templates.My problem is that I can’t seem to assign variables defined in a php file to use them in a tpl file.


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