Simple Steps To Writing An Essay

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To capture the reader’s attention, you can make a challenging claim about the topic or present some surprising (but factual) information.

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This article was co-authored by Christopher Taylor, Ph D.

Christopher Taylor is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of English at Austin Community College in Texas.

The introduction should discuss your main idea, or what the essay is about, then state your thesis and points or arguments that support your thesis.

The introduction also sets the tone for your essay, and you want to grab the reader’s attention with interest and clarity.

Determining the type of essay is the first step to writing a targeted essay. Finally, list the facts, examples and statistics that support those points or arguments.

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Your thesis should inform the reader what point you will be making or what question you will be answering about the topic.Finally, support your argument with evidence such as facts, quotes, examples and statistics.The conclusion summarizes the essay and gives the reader closure.He received his Ph D in English Literature and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014.There are 19 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.Tip: If possible, have someone else check your work.When you’ve been looking at your own writing for too long, your brain begins to fill in what it expects to see rather than what’s actually there, making it harder for you to spot mistakes. Does the mere thought of putting pen to paper – or fingers to the keyboard – send shivers down your spine?For many students in elementary, middle or high school, it does, but writing an essay shouldn’t be intimidating.You can even briefly describe your opinion of the topic.Your final sentence should uphold your main idea in a clear and compelling manner. Some people do better when they work backwards from the conclusion.


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