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During the voyage of the sacred ship to and from Delos, which has occupied thirty days, the execution of Socrates has been deferred. Mem.) The time has been passed by him in conversation with a select company of disciples.But now the holy season is over, and the disciples meet earlier than usual in order that they may converse with Socrates for the last time.He considers that the soul's relationship with the body is not an arrangement of the different components which make up a person, rather it is an attunement.

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Also be able to lodge a serious objection against the argument. At 85d-86e, Simmias presents a "soul a as type of harmony" objection against Socrates' doctrine of the immortality of the soul.

Immediately after, Cebes presents another objection against the doctrine that seems to anticipate--at least a wee bit--a sort of "conservation of energy" principle.

Facing death, he discusses his theory for the immortality of the coul with his friends around him - Simmias, Cebes and Phaedo.

They choose not to wholly accept Socrates' ideas, and Simmias in particular puts forward his own ideas, namely the theory of attunement.

Socrates gives a beautiful little sermon on why we shouldn't become misologues from 89d-91c.

Google(); req('single_work'); $('.js-splash-single-step-signup-download-button').one('click', function(e){ req_and_ready('single_work', function() ); new c. The aspects he talks of - anger, fear, desire - are the very things he described in Republic as the inferior components of the soul.Does this, then, contradict this defence and suggest that the soul and body are, in effect, similar entities since they contain the same components? desire) mean that it would do what it wanted, despite what the soul (reason) said.If our own ingenuity cannot find these answers, then we must accept whatever theory mankind has decided is the most acceptable, and apply it to each situation we encounter in life.In making this statement, Simmias prepares to launch into his objection. Introduction How does Socrates respond to the objections of Simmias in Phaedo?Simmias' objection is made in the prison cell as Socrates is preparing for his imminent death.Simmias considers that during our lifetime, we must constantly strive to achieve some sort of certainty, and that this certainty might only be achieved by exploring and exhausting every eventuality that might lead us to the Truth.He also thought that it was a very personal process, and that the answers may be found through our own interpretation of the world.Also be able to lodge a serious objection against the argument.Read 78c-81a Socrates presents an argument from affinity for the immortality of the soul.


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