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The French Revolution lasted for a period of about one decade ranging from1789 to 1799.

The period was characterised by radical socio-economic and political transformations and it also marked the collapse of absolute monarchy (Kates 56).

The Third estate then reorganized itself and came up with the national assembly whose members were mostly drawn from among the bourgeoisies and had the duty of writing the constitution.

This was achieved in the declaration of Human Rights and finally the French Republic was declared in September 1792.

The National Assembly was making inroads on national matters and this forced the king to order their meeting hall to be closed.

This act led to the tennis Court oath where some members of the Third estate vowed to remain united (Kates 58).

Secondly, property of the church was nationalised and there was abolition of the monasteries.

This weakened the economic power of the church (Kates 57).

This led to the establishment of Estates General in May 1789 which was composed of three groups namely, the clergy, the nobility and the commoners.

As the press censorship was lifted; the more open minded nobles and clergy saw the need to give more attention to the commoners.


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