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Memoir essays were my gateway into reading full-length memoirs.

Memoir essays were my gateway into reading full-length memoirs.

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She says that after her stroke, “For a month, every moment of the day was like the moment upon wakening before you figure out where you are, what time it is.” With this personal essay, she draws readers into that fragmented headspace, then weaves something coherent and beautiful from it.

In this refreshing essay, Mori discusses balancing “the double calling” of being a writer and a teacher.

(I also had the pleasure of hearing him read this aloud during my school’s homecoming weekend, as Key is an alumnus of my now alma mater.)Sedaris’s humor is in a league of its own, and he’s at his best in the title essay from .

In it, he manages to capture the linguistic hilarities that ensue when you combine a sarcastic, middle-aged French student with a snarky French teacher.

” As Flannery O’Connor put it, however, “The fact is that anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.

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If you can’t make something out of a little experience, you probably won’t be able to make it out of a lot.She writes, “It was evident that who I was inside, who I wanted to be, didn’t match the intentions of my body.Outside, there was no little girl to be loved innocently.She admits that teaching felt antithetical to her sense of self when she started out in a classroom of apathetic college freshmen.When she found her way into teaching an MFA program, however, she found that fostering a sanctuary for others’ words and ideas felt closer to a “calling.” While in some ways this makes the balance of shifting personas easier, she says it creates a different kind of dread: “Teaching, if it becomes more than a job, might swallow me whole and leave nothing for my life as a writer.” This memoir essay is honest, well-structured, and layered with plenty of anecdotal details to draw in the reader.Gay is best known for her serious works of fiction and creative nonfiction, but she lets loose her fine sense of humor with this funny short memoir essay about joining the intense world of competitive Scrabble.It was a refreshing surprise to find nestled between heavier topics in her essay collection .nonfiction—not journalism or technical writing—she hears a lot of, “You’re too young to write a memoir!” and “What could someone your age possibly have to write about?!Even though he didn’t (and doesn’t) speak Arabic, Akbar points to the musicality of these phonetically-learned hymns as “the bedrock upon which I’ve built my understanding of poetry as a craft and as a meditative practice.” Reading this essay made me want to reread his debut poetry collection, , all over again.This personal essay is a tongue-in-cheek story about the author’s run-in with an alligator on the Pearl River in Mississippi.


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