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Now, for pollination to occur, birds, bees and insects, some of the smallest species on this planet, play an important role.It is through these insects and birds that pollens are transferred between the flowers as they pass from one flower to another.Crop growth can be significantly affected if the number of birds and insects carried by the pollen decreases in number for any reason.

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Consider another simple case of carnivores that is shrinking every day because of human poaching and hunting.

The reduction of these carnivores leads to an increase in the number of herbivores that depend on forest vegetation for their survival.

The first steps towards correctly explaining the colour of the sky were taken by John Tyndall in 1859.

He discovered that when light passes through a clear fluid holding small particles in suspension, the shorter blue wavelengths are scattered more strongly than the red.

This can be demonstrated by shining a beam of white light through a tank of water with a little milk or soap mixed in.

From the side, the beam can be seen by the blue light it scatters; but the light seen directly from the end is reddened after it has passed through the tank.The visible part of the spectrum ranges from red light with a wavelength of about 720 nm, to violet with a wavelength of about 380 nm, with orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo between.The three different types of colour receptors in the retina of the human eye respond most strongly to red, green and blue wavelengths, giving us our colour vision.Here are some other reasons for deep understanding why wildlife plays such an important role in maintaining an ecological balance on Earth.The ecosystem is entirely based on the relationships between different organisms linked by food webs and food chains.This was demonstrated by Isaac Newton, who used a prism to separate the different colours and so form a spectrum.The colours of light are distinguished by their different wavelengths.If bees are reduced in number, the growth of food crops would decrease significantly due to lack of pollination.Similarly, if a species becomes larger, it may again have a negative effect on the ecological balance.But, unfortunately today, many animals and birds are endangered. Download now and get all your doubts cleared by our experts."Natural habitats of animals and plants are destroyed for land development and agriculture by humans.Poaching and hunting of animals for fur, jewellery, meat and leather are other important factors contributing to the extinction of wildlife.


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