Short Essay On Domestic Violence

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“women at the highest risk for being the victim of domestic violence include those with male partners who abuse drugs (especially alcohol), are unemployed or underemployed, afflicted by poverty, or have not graduated from high school,” (Roxanne Dryden-Edwuards).

Also, issues like poverty and homelessness emerge as a result of domestic violence.

Victims also experience physiological damage, to the point of developing serious conditions like the Stockholm Syndrome.

Although there are many causes, the effects of domestic abuse on women are quite detrimental to not only their psychological, but physical health as well.

These numerical evidences come to show the reality of many people today, and the detrimental effects domestic violence can have on these victims.

Moreover, contrary to popular belief, it is not only the aggressors who tends to use alcohol and drugs.

Many of the people being affected by an abusive partner, feel a desperate need to get away, and often times stay with the partner because they are afraid, or because they are given a financial stability.

In the end, once they decide to run away from the abuser, since they cannot find the means to sustain themselves, they are faced with the harsh reality of poverty and homelessness.

Often, abuse begins with a desire of feeling in control, or feeling in power of the victim.

Next, another important cause as to why domestic violence begins, is substance abuse.


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