Sheep Farm Business Plan

Sheep Farm Business Plan-57
So, it is a good idea to start this business with a good strategic plan. A suitable farm location has numbers of advantages.

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Sheep wool with Rabbit wool is considered as the best wool in the market.

Sheep farming and goat farming are being followed from ancient time and are also the good source of employment.

There are many famous sheep breeders available in the market, from where you can buy proper sheep breed.

Depending on your own climate condition, select a good sheep breed to raise and earn a lot from it.

For Commercial, construct a separate house for them to provide them shelter to protect them from the worst weather, pests, and diseases. Normally, for rearing sheep commercially, a shelter which is 20 feet long and 15 feet wider and having rooftop at 8 feet height is good enough.

Sheep Farm Business Plan

Make sure of the good ventilation system in the shelter to provide fresh air in sufficient amount and light.

It also provides protection from the harmful predators. Make sure of the good stock of fodder for your sheep.

Since a proper feeding is essential for proper sheep growth for producing maximum.

Basically, all kinds of grasses, corns, and plants are favored food of sheep.

A Sheep management includes raising a fast growing and productive sheep breed, providing high quality and nutritious fodder along with sufficient amount of fresh water.


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