Sex And Violence On Television Essay

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In this century, television was one of the great inventions.

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“In one study done at Pennsylvania State University, about one hundred preschool children were observed both before and after watching television; some watched cartoons that had a lot of aggressive and violent acts in them, and others watched shows that did not have any kind of violence (Liebert 65).” Researchers noticed real differences between the kids who watched the violent shows and those who watched nonviolent ones. at University of Illinois found that children who watched many hours of TV violence when they were in elementary school tended to show a higher level of aggressive behavior when they became teenagers.

“Children who watch the violent shows, even just funny cartoons, were more possible to hit out at their playmates, argue, disobey class rules, leave tasks unfinished, and were less willing to wait for things than those who watched the nonviolent programs (Liebert 65).” Moreover, researchers discovered that children who prefer violent television shows when they are young would be more aggressive in adulthood, and have troubles with the law. By observing these youngsters until they were thirty years old, Dr.

Also, I’ve seen, and I’m sure others have too, cartoons where the innocent characters smoke, or do dangerous things.

I urge people who regulate TV shows to do more than place a label on shows. First of all, television violence can easily mislead children because young children do not has the same perceptions as adult.

Eron found that the ones who watched a lot of TV when they were eight years old were more prone to be arrested and prosecuted for criminal acts as adults (Pott 9).” To minimize the problem, opponents and broadcasters believe violence should not be showed during prime time because of the effect on children and replaced with healthy shows for entertainment.

“A UCLA study reports that the Big Four TV networks made modest improvement in reducing violent programs during the second year of a three year study commissioned by ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and Senator Paul Simon in 1994 (Lynette 30).” However, they said this attitude is much too negative and in fact there is a positive side to this issue, which is senseless violence and funny, such as Loony Toons and the Itchy and Scratchy show. Coyote fell straight a thousand feet off a cliff until he came to lay like a corpse on the ground. Certainly, cartoons have never shown anyone ever getting hurt very badly.The study also found that 38% of reality programs-talk shows, documentaries, and public-affairs shows contained violence but were more likely to include an anti-violence message (Harper 22).” For children who view many violence scenes may causes them to become insensitive to the pain or unaffected to the horror of violence.Children who watch a lot of television are more adapted to the violent scenes than those who seldom watch; in other words, they are less distress by violence in general or less likely to feel anything wrong with it.Also, wouldn’t it seem like children would find TV shows more tempting to watch if they knew there would be “adult” or violent scenes in it?They would immediately be able to know that TV shows rated “R” would have more mature scenes in it then a show rated “PG-13″.All they have done is “labeled” the violence, they haven’t done much to minimize it.Sure, I do give them credit for putting in the rating system, but has it helped?Besides, children giggled when Elmer Fudd pulled out his shotgun and blew away Daffy Duck, making his body break like a vase and fall to the ground in tiny pieces. If the actual consequences of the violent acts were not shown, then it would not be so amusing.In the Itchy and Scratchy show, children laughed every time the mouse threw a match into the cat’s mouth with T. Everyone has a sense of humor and needs a good laugh.Another issue I would like to address is children’s shows.Innocent children get hurt or beaten-up by na ve children who are only imitating their idols on TV programs.


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