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For example, if you get an "A" on your exam, it's because you're smart and you studied well; but if you get an "F," it's because the exam wasn't fair.

For example, if you get an "A" on your exam, it's because you're smart and you studied well; but if you get an "F," it's because the exam wasn't fair.

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The idea of interpersonal perception means the process of making meaning from things we experience in people and our relationships. Organization helps you make sense of what you notice.

This process involves three components: selection, organization, and interpretation. To help with this, our minds classify each stimulus into categories. The idea behind this is that we can't possibly classify each and every stimulus we receive individually and independently.

In this step, we assign meaning to the information we have received.

This article will discuss several components of perceiving others.

Here, we identify one or two obvious characteristics of an individual and extrapolate those characteristics to explain other things that person does.

For example, if you know someone who is the youngest of eight children, you might attribute that person's insistence on getting her own way all the time to her being the baby of a large family.Many factors are involved in interpersonal communication.One of those is the dynamics involved in our perception of others.These types of biases are particularly influential in the communications of long-term relationships, such as marriage.Satisfied couples tend to emphasize the positive attributes of their relationship, while dissatisfied couples tend to emphasize the negative.Where we have to be careful with stereotypes is in overgeneralizing, because individuals don't always possess all of the characteristics of their perceived group memberships.The problem with stereotypes comes when we treat individuals as extensions of the groups to which they belong, and assign the group's characteristics to the individual, without giving the individual a chance to truly be an individual, separate from the group's characteristics. First impressions are important because they set the tone for future interactions. These matter, because this is how people tend to remember us.For example, the girl volunteers because she is kindhearted, and the cashier miscounted our change because she doesn't know how to count.The fundamental attribution error is exceedingly strong, and research has found that it applies even when we consciously know better.It then becomes difficult for us to imagine that this child could be a girl. The idea of egocentrism means the inability to take another's perspective.As you might imagine, this interferes with our ability to accurately perceive others.


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