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The Democratic party and the antislavery Whigs were against this bill because it ignored the Missouri Compromise of 1820.The Constitutionality of the Missouri Compromise was also questioned in the Dred Scott Decision.It divided the land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase along the 36 30 line.

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This caused a gradual increase in sectionalism in the US. The three components of the American System were establishing a new protective tariff, starting a new transportation system and restoring the national bank.Henry Clay thought that each of these components would strengthen and unify the nation because he thought the American system would unite the nation’s economic resources because the south would grow food and raise animals that the north would eat and in return the south would by the manufactured goods the north made.These issues were all presented because of the different stances the Northerners and the Southerners took in regards to slavery.In conclusion, the issue of slavery was the major cause of the growing sectionalism in the pre-civil war US.The Compromise of 1850 also arose sectionalism by stating that California would be admitted as a free state.Of course the Southerners weren t happy with this so Henry Clay proposed several resolutions.As a result, Douglas allowed .popular sovereignty x in the territories of the Louisiana Purchase.This bill also admitted Nebraska as a free state and Kansas as a slave state.All the other territories acquired from Mexico would not have any restrictions on slavery and slavery in the Districts of Colombia was prohibited with the consent of the residents.The resolution also stated that the Congress had no power to interfere with the interstate slave trade.


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