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These websites are the best resources available online to those who need to buckle down and finish a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation.

It is impossible to do original research in any field without reading the work that has come before.

If you aren’t publishing research, you aren’t making a name for yourself in your field, and your career is on thin ice.

These sites on academic publishing offer varying perspectives on the publication of educational material and scholarly research.

If yes, the technology transfer and patenting process necessitates further conversation before you can continue with the ETD submission process, in order to determine the appropriate embargo on access to your dissertation to protect patent eligibility.

Are you requesting an access restriction for your thesis or dissertation?

This option will provide the broadest possible access to your work.

The full-text of your thesis or dissertation and any supplemental files will be accessible on the internet for unlimited viewing.

Top of Page From citing ancient maps in a bibliography to strictly following the relevant style guide for a specific discipline, there is a lot to keep track of when writing a heavily researched piece of work, and these tools can make it a bit easier.

Top of Page The only surefire way to get help is to ask for it, and many colleges and universities have writing centers dedicated to helping students who get stuck in the middle of a big writing project.


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