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If you are really worried about someone reading your secrets, consider attaching a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to the plan.An NDA is a legal document that prevents others from sharing your information with unauthorized parties.

If you are really worried about someone reading your secrets, consider attaching a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to the plan.

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As a business owner, you spend a lot of time focusing on details, like how to satisfy a specific customer or negotiate with a certain supplier.

But your business also operates within a much larger context.

The information, insights, and strategies you outline will have a direct impact on your own life.

So if you come across a section that you're convinced has no relevance to you and your business, skip it.

Perhaps the most important document for any new business is a business plan.

Yet too many business owners fail to sit down and prepare or update one. Decisions are made reactively based on the owner’s emotions, rather than prudent research.We have developed a template that makes creating your Business Plan easy. This template guides you through all of the steps required to complete a proper business plan. You can save and print the plan, or send it electronically to anyone.Use your plan to move your business forward with confidence, to motive your team, or to present to investors or lenders.We understand that writing a business plan can be a daunting experience.You have a great idea, loads of experience in the industry, but you’ve never had to produce a document like this before…Don’t worry!Employees, vendors, investors and other stakeholders (as well as the owner) are unclear about the direction of the company.That lack of focus results in wasted dollars, energies and resources as the company zigzags along instead of following a well-planned straight line to its goals. Many entrepreneurs simply don’t have the time, inclination or the proper tools. Once you’ve completed the steps, you’ll have a business plan complete with cover page, contact information, financial tables, product descriptions and marketing details.And, if you're going to be the only user of your plan, feel free to use bullet points and lists instead of complete sentences.This section presents basic information about your business. You can save as you go using "save" so you can return later Both of these can be found in the top right of each page.That's because writing a plan forces you to answer tough questions about every aspect of your business, including the close relationship between it and your personal life.The most important user of your business plan is you.


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