School Life Is Better Than College Life Essay

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After that a new chapter of life starts which is college life. You must have on a unvarying otherwise if you do non have on a unvarying the school will non let you to come in to the school 2.

get downing from primary following by intermediate and complete it with secondary school. School experience is the most importance thing make the best point in my life and learning accomplishments. School life is by and large more disciplined than college life.

Different timetable Timetable from high school and college is different. The timetable in high school is changeless ; while the timetable in college is flexible. work load and instruction system are precisely wholly that my instructors have talked about all through high school.

Sometimes there is one or two hours of break clip before another category start. That is non to state that I’m happening it easy as college pupil. That besides applies to run intoing the deadlines for assignments and undertakings. my experience as a college pupil has been life altering.

There is no good relationship between teachers and students. Moral education should be made compulsory and practical discipline should be given a place in obtaining certificates.

Students too, should realize the importance of their life.Nevertheless, I studied and completed school courses. College life was certainly better than school life.When I recollect intermediate studies, I feel very delighted. I had much freedom now, but yet I was a little conscious about my future. Therefore, without any instruction, or command, or demand from teachers’ or parents’ side, I was bound to my studies. I was driven to studies by my natural instinct, and there was a genuine pleasure.I have besides warmed up to the new academic agenda which is rather different from what was used in high school.I have made new friends from diverse civilizations and backgrounds which has enlightened me and helped me to spread out my position in the universe. com/difference-between-school-life-and-college-life/ # ixzz2K7Fu Wma G Read more: hypertext transfer protocol: // com/difference-between-school-life-and-college-life/ # ixzz2K7MYq Vvk A Report on High School Life and College Life Essay Sample. Such many reasons often made me cry and hesitate from going to school.I really did not like friends saying that student’s life was a pleasant life.I have been working hard to continue my teaching and also study together, though I feel really very uneasy. By Prasun Singh The part of a man’s life spent at school or college is student life. He spends all his time in studies, games and entertainment. In this life, students learn many subjects such as languages, mathematics, history, geography, social studies, science and the like. These qualities help them to make adjustment in society when they finish their studies. In this way the seeds of greatness are sown in student life, Besides textbook knowledge, they learn discipline, punctuality, regularity, co-operation, etc.Anyway, I am much happy to be in the final year of the bachelor level. In this period he studies books, takes examination, passes them and gets educational degrees. These qualities help them to make adjustment in society when they finish their studies. In this way the seeds of greatness are sown in student life, student life is not pious. It is a natural tendency of children because they have to carry a heavy load of books in their bags; they have to stay in school for more than six hours; they have to read and write everything that is said by the teacher, and they have to carry home-assignments to their homes.If they do not show the assignments the following day, they are beaten by teachers.


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