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It is a well-known fact that color influences mood and feeling in common experience, however, the field of color psychology is still not well understood.For example, in many Middle Eastern countries, blue is viewed as a very protective color.One of the more conservative choices, then, is to run black text over a neutral, light color like beige or even mint green.

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And remember: it's no sin to borrow and experiment with a color scheme you find.

Color Psychology Like death and taxes, there is no escaping color. According to fundamental psychology, Freudians relate hues back to bodily Our cultural backgrounds and traditions influence our learned response and reaction to color.

But what happens in this case is the red element of the red areas of the screen is full on (leaving green and blue dark), and the blue element of the blue areas is full on (leaving red and green dark).

The result is a literal "black hole" on the left side (remember, RED GREEN BLUE), and a glow on the right (since both the far-right BLUE element is full on, as is the far-left RED). But another problem with this palette is the fact that blue and red do not have much contrast from one another—they are roughly the same brightness.

Basically, contrast deals with the brightness of one color relative to another—and contrast typically is pushed to its absolute envelope on the printed page.

That's why black text on white paper is so common: the contrast between black character and white space increases legibility.Part of what’s at issue with these colors—the black versus the grays, the muted versus bright yellows—is the idea of saturation. You might think back to when you painted with watercolors as a child.If you really scrubbed your brush around in the yellow paint, you’d get a deep, bright yellow.However, black on white is not the most interesting use of color.And when designing for the screen, white may not be the best choice—it can be almost blinding on certain monitors.Perhaps it's because we liked the brightest-colored crayons as children.However, you'll find that most sophisticated designs tend to use muted/desaturated colors. Nevertheless, there are a number of general and universal reactions to color, which seem to be noted in most persons. Research on the psychological aspects of color is difficult for the mere reason that human emotions are not very stable and the psychic make-up of human beings varies from person to person.Worse than that, red is culturally-coded to jar us (just like the bulls at the Plaza de Toros).That's why red is typically used on everything from stop signs and stop lights to warning labels and fire alarms.


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