Scarlet Letter Essay Hypocrisy

She is thus judged and shunned by her community, who forces her to wear a scarlet "A" on her chest for "adulturer." As the novel unfolds, Hester supports herself and her daughter, struggling to repent and create a life of dignity.

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The fact that Olive never commits the sexual act for which she's swiftly disowned makes the communal reaction even more clearly unjust and damning against our slut-shaming society.

But the choice also says something about the film itself and those viewing it: do the creators of may be avoiding a more substantive story that challenges viewers not to judge a young woman who is in fact more sexually experienced.

But although we may not place adulterers on the town pedestal of shame anymore, that doesn't mean we are a society free of judgment or slut-shaming.

For those seeking a modern antidote to Hawthorne's stuffy tale of Puritan America, follows a young high school student, Olive Penderghast (Emma Stone), who is more or less invisible in her school.

Background Information The setting of the The Scarlet Letter is Boston during the Puritan era.

Anthony Trollope's telling summary will serve to introduce the reader to the plot of the narrative. and is brought upon the stage that she may be punished by a public stigma.

The speed with which the slighest whimper of gossip can travel down the hallway and between cell phones can be astounding, and this gossip far too often leads to bullying.

, both Hester and Olive are shunned by their peers, losing friends and loved ones.

She didn't even have sex, and — unlike Hester — she is not a married woman, so if she were to engage in sexual activity, this would not be an "affair" or the sin of adultery (although strict religious interpretation in Hester's time would have equally condemned sexual activity by any unmarried woman as such).

Still, in the eyes of Olive's peers, enjoying sex as a young woman is just as much a cause for judgment as cheating on a spouse.


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