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Saxon 8/7 was written by Stephen Hake for younger students who were ready for pre-algebra.If your student finishes 8/7 successfully, it isn’t necessary for him to complete both. (I’ve never used it, though, because geometry is covered adequately in the Algebra 1 & 2 books.) According to the Rainbow Resource Center catalog, “For the non-college bound student or the student who does not wish to pursue a math or science degree, use Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and Advanced Math (if you want or need a 4th year of math).

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They include the answer keys for you to use in grading the tests, too.

Honestly, it depends on your child’s age, math level and maturity.

If your student is college bound in the area of math or science or they just really love math, use Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Advanced Math, and Calculus and your geometry will be covered by the content found in these texts.” We have never used the Geometry text in our homeschool, and my kids have been well-prepared and successful at both the AP Calculus test and college-entrance tests.

I recommend that you skip Saxon K and jump right into Saxon Math 1 with your kindergartner.

Saxon Advanced Mathematics and Saxon Calculus have taken my children two or even three hours per assignment at times, so I require fewer assignments per week from them, and it has always taken us longer than a year to complete each of those upper level courses. Do what works best for you and for your family — that’s the beauty of homeschool!

In my family, Saxon 1-3 level students complete 2 pages per day, which is sometimes 2 lessons and sometimes a lesson and an assessment. We also usually work through most of the summer, and, because my kids don’t need to review since we didn’t take the summer off, we usually skip the first 10-30 lessons of each book.The second digit is for quick workers; the first is supposed to represent the ‘average’ student.Here is Saxon’s recommendation for the order of Saxon math books: Kindergarten – Saxon K 1st grade – Saxon Math 1 2nd grade – Saxon Math 2 3rd grade – Saxon Math 3 4th grade – Saxon Math 5/4 5th grade – Saxon Math 6/5 6th grade – Saxon 7/6 7th grade – Saxon 8/7 or Algebra 1/2** (See explanation below) 8th grade – Saxon Algebra 1 ***Geometry (see explanation below) 9th grade – Saxon Algebra 2 10th grade – Saxon Advanced Mathematics 11th grade – Saxon Calculus 12th grade – Saxon Physics ** Saxon 8/7 and Alg 1/2 are both considered Pre-Algebra.There is a combination of factors contributing to this need to slow down: the concepts are more difficult, requiring more time and effort to thoroughly comprehend, and the child has hit puberty, which makes learning difficult.The phenomenon is called the Early Adolescent Achievement Drop and lots of psychologists have studied it.It doesn’t come with bells and whistles, but it’s thorough.Each lesson builds on the last, so that lessons are continually reviewing previous concepts, but further in-depth. As children review concepts that slowly grow increasingly complex, while other concepts are introduced, they begin to really understand the way the numbers relate to one another and the whys behind each procedure.My kids in Saxon 54 – Saxon Algebra 1 complete one lesson per day. But we do homeschool almost year round, taking extended breaks for holidays and travelling. I wouldn’t say we spend any more time on school than the public school system, especially since we only spend 3 hours per day on school, but somehow on this schedule, my kids end up at least two grades ahead of schedule and typically complete Algebra 1 in 6th grade, with fantastic comprehension.Beginning with Algebra 2, my children have needed to take a little more time on each assignment. Please contact me if this homework becomes overwhelming. Students must ask me about make-up work after an absence. Make-up tests must be made up the same week students return to school, usually during study hall. I generally give 15 - 30 problems of homework each night. I usually don't give homework on the night of the test.


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