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I still need satellite radio for one of the teams I follow -- the New York Rangers -- as my Connecticut home falls in the Boston Bruins market.

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Now, however, the market has changed and the Internet has essentially put every song ever recorded in the hands of anyone with a Wi-Fi connection.

It can also be argued that there is more good talk radio being produced in podcast form than there is on local, national, or satellite radio.

That appears to be happening and another firm, ABI Research, predicted that Apple's i OS in the Car would power about half of them with the bulk of the rest of them going to Mirror Link, which already works with Samsung's popular smartphones and tablets.

So, basically, connected cars are not only coming, but half of them will integrate with the wildly popular i OS and another 40% or so will use software familiar to another swatch of people.

In the early days of satellite radio, the i Pod -- and its ability to store thousands of songs -- was a competitor, but few cars had elegant ways to allow for using the Apple device or any other MP3 player easily.

With Pandora That gave Sirius and XM, and later Sirius XM after their 2008 merger, many years of being able to lure in customers by offering more diverse music channels with no commercials along with a variety of talk and news programming the could not be found even in huge markets like New York City or Los Angeles.

Do you want to host an interview show on a favorite topic, play new music from local bands or host a call-in show for area sports fans?

Or maybe you are a communications officer who would like to share more information about your company and take questions from local citizens.

Connected cars take away many of the reasons why people subscribed to satellite radio in the first place.

Music services like Pandora and Apple's i Tunes Radio offer an essentially infinite amount of personally customized radio stations, while Spotify and other similar services puts huge libraries of music in front of people on an on-demand basis.


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