Sat Essay Prompts Jan 2014

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The SAT (Standard Aptitude Test) is an entrance exam in most US colleges and universities.

If you would like an example of what the College Board is looking for, then it helps to read some sample essays first.

There are some in the new SAT book, and now I've chosen to write a sample essay of my own as well.

Here are the SAT dates for 2019-2020: As you’ve read already, an SAT essay is optional now.

However, there are many colleges and universities in the USA that still require it from applicants.

If you leave some questions unanswered, your scores will be canceled.

The total you can get for your SAT is on a scale of 400–1600, with 200–800 for each of two sections: Reading and Writing Math. Okay, here’s a kinda SAT score calculator for you: If you write an SAT essay, you can get an extra 2–8 points for each of three criteria.

Make sure yours is not there; otherwise, you’ll have to write an essay.

If you are still unsure of what college to apply, writing the SAT essay would come in handy anyway.

Invented by Carl Brigham in 1923, the SAT is owned and developed by College Board.

It’s a not-for-profit organization in the USA, with over 6,000 schools, colleges, and universities being its members.


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