Sample Business Plan For Assisted Living Facility

Developing and implementing a successful marketing plan is complex.Because your expertise is serving seniors, you can stay focused and achieve a significantly greater return on your marketing investment by partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency.

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Once you’ve identified your personas, you’re ready to create and deliver content that will bring them to your door.

Using a marketing calendar keeps you on track with topics, formats, delivery channels – all based on your personas’ needs, interests, and where they are in their decision-making journey.

Next to your website, this is your most vital marketing asset.

It should be informative, but entertaining, too, reflecting the unique personality and culture of your community.

In our experience, most communities spend between $20,000 and $30,000 to initiate their marketing program, then budget 6-10% of annual revenue for ongoing marketing.

Naturally, the exact amount depends on whether your community is new or established, your range of services, regional characteristics, number of competitors, and your business growth objectives.It takes outstanding marketing content to make your assisted living community stand out from your competition.All of your marketing communications must be consistently branded, eye-catching, informative, and inspiring enough to compel recipients to act.That doesn’t mean every blog article or social media post will directly result in a personal visit.But, with every “touch,” your marketing assets work together as a team to build toward that goal. Successful marketing plans are based on personas – fictitious but realistic individuals who represent each of your key targets.Your competitors are actively working to attract many of the same people as you are.To draw attention your way, you must have a comprehensive, fully-integrated marketing plan that increases brand awareness, brings qualified leads to your website, and engages those visitors in further conversation. To be successful, your marketing plan must invite and support conversations across multiple channels, not just your website.You can advertise on Facebook or Google, with search ads, banner ads, video ads, and so on.Target your ads using keywords and audience demographics to zero in on the most qualified leads.No single marketing channel will bring your community the attention and new residents you want.These days, seniors and their adult children are using a wide range of web-based channels, just like younger generations. Like your campus, it needs “curb appeal,” a welcoming ambiance, and a full complement of helpful information, delivered in a professional-but-friendly voice.


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