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The relationship between Salvador and his father was very poor because of the fact that they were constantly fighting over the love of his mother.Salvador had an older brother, also named Salvador, who died at an early age.This piece has been compared to Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights.

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In the scene that follows, a razor blade slashes said eye in extreme close-up.

The film turned out to be a sensation and gained Dalí entrance to the most creative group of Parisian artists at the time, The Surrealists.

Drawing on blatantly autobiographical material and childhood memories, Dalí's work is rife with often ready-interpreted symbolism, ranging from fetishes and animal imagery to religious symbols.

Dalí subscribed to Surrealist André Breton's theory of automatism, but ultimately opted for his own self-created system of tapping the unconscious termed "paranoiac critical," a state in which one could simulate delusion while maintaining one's sanity.

It is said that Dalí was a virgin when he met Gala and that he later encouraged his wife to have affairs to satisfy her sexual desires.

Later in life when his paintings turned to religious and philosophical themes, Dalí would tout chastity as a door to spirituality.

Because the melting flesh at the painting's center resembles Dalí, we might see this piece as a reflection on the artist's immortality amongst the rocky cliffs of his Catalonian home.

Salvador Dali Salvador Dali was born on May 1 1, 1904 in Figurers, Spain.

In fact, it's become known as the first Surrealist film yet remains paramount in the canon of experimental film to this day.35mm Film - Museum of Modern Art, New York Central to the piece is a large distorted human face looking down upon a landscape, a familiar rocky shoreline scene reminiscent of Dalí's home in Catalonia.

A nude female figure representing Dalí's new-at-the-time muse Gala rises from the head, symbolic of the type of fantasy a man would conjure while engaged in the practice suggested by the title.


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