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Fast forward to here and now, as I sit in the presence of this charming Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot and this fantastically beautiful Green-wing Macaw.Their colors are so brilliant and defined, as if drawn by a meticulous artist.

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Each column focuses on a different species, their value to our environment and what makes them unique in hopes that their future’s are preserved.

Photo by Photography By Prudence What I love about animals is how they instill WONDER in me.

For those that fall further down the spectrum with their appreciation for all creatures great and small, I like to believe that with a little nudge and some fun facts, you might be willing to open your mind to the role every animal plays in our existence (without them, we would not survive).

To quote sadly missed legendary diva Aretha Franklin, maybe you will give them a bit more R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

By Michelle Mantor as published in Houston Pet Talk, March 2019, Photography By Prudence Is this little fuzzy girl not the cutest thing?

Rubric For History Extended Essay Higher English Critical Essay Questions 2007

You may agree or you might say “ick, how could you hold that critter? Depending on your “animal gene” as I like to call it, you may fall anywhere on the spectrum from seeing the value in ALL animals and their relevance in the ecosystem to having no respect for animals at all.

With that goal in mind, this month I chose to feature a ferret.

One of the many reasons I LOVE ANIMALS is because they possess an inherent CURIOSITY that never wanes, yet they know when to inhibit curious tendencies for self preservation.

It was a compulsion in a sense that made me hyper-aware of any animal’s plight. Obviously I still carry that pain or I wouldn’t be talking about it in my mid fifties LOL!

For instance, it was painful for me to see my pets, or anyone else’s for that matter, hurting or not allowed to come inside in the cold West Virginia nights. So, yes, it is confirmed that I have the animal-empathy gene for sure!


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