Rose For Emily Essay

She is a woman lost in time, with no real place among society, especially not a society who places her on a pedestal, enabling her many questionable actions.

She remained a stubborn product of her times, keeping a manservant who most likely had been with her since he had been a slave, and had stayed out of loyalty to her.

She continually refused progress, not allowing them to “fasten the metal numbers above her door and attach a mailbox to it” when the town finally got postal service.

She seldom left her house after her father died, further mystifying herself to the town who watched her life from behind their lace curtains.

The Civil War came and went, and Miss Emily still lived in that same house “set on what had once been the most select street,” “lifting its stubborn and coquettish decay above the cotton wagons and the gasoline pumps.” Miss Emily had once belonged to the most select class, and still stubbornly maintained the image, even though she and her entire town knew the truth to be otherwise.

Time continued ticking on, and yet Miss Emily refused to acknowledge it.

Rose For Emily Essay

She firmly entrenched herself in denial when her father died, telling the townspeople “that her father was not dead.

“A Rose for Emily” Rejection is the theme in the story “A Rose for Emily’ because she consciously pulls away from the community due to the town’s disapproval of her relationship with Homer Barron.

People in the town treated Miss Emily horribly when she started dating Homer Barron.

Indeed, it seems as if the town would have been disappointed to see her otherwise.

Miss Emily, in her “monument” position, was allowed to do mostly whatever she pleased.


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