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The standard eighteenth-century heroic couplet was replaced by a variety of forms such as the ballad, the metrical romance, the sonnet, ottava nina, blank verse, and the Spenserian stanza, all of which were forms that had been neglected since Renaissance times.

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According to René Wellek in his essay "The Concept of Romanticism" (Comparative Literature, Volume I), the widespread application of the word romantic to these writers was probably owing to Alois Brandl's Coleridge und die romantische Schule in England (Coleridge and the Romantic School in England, translated into English in 1887) and to Walter Pater's essay "Romanticism" in his Appreciations in 1889.

The reaction to the standard literary practice and critical norms of the eighteenth century occurred in many areas and in varying degrees.

Romantic authors are some of the most well-known names in the world of literature.

Here are some essay topics that focus on the authors that made this literary movement so popular.

Beginning in the late 18th Century, this period emphasized emotion, inspiration, and subjectivity.

Visual beauty, love of nature, individualism, and spiritualism are just a few of the many topics covered in works written by Romantic authors.

The romantic period includes the work of two generations of writers.

The first generation was born during the thirty and twenty years preceding 1800; the second generation was born in the last decade of the 1800s.

A concentration on the individual and the minute replaced the eighteenth-century insistence on the universal and the general.

Individualism replaced objective subject matter; probably at no other time has the writer used himself as the subject of his literary works to such an extent as during the romantic period.


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