Rogerian Essay Example

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Rogerian argument is an argument where the both sides win because of the careful approach and persuasion. ● Same-sex marriages should be legal/illegal● The two-child policy: Right or wrong? ● The discrimination in hierarchy of jobs: good or bad? ● Are scores in school enough to evaluate a child's progress? ● Fighting video games influence children: right or wrong? It is also recommended to speak to your opponent in order to clarify their ideas.If you cannot do it, then it is better to rely on what your opponent, or the institution/side they represent, have written.And writing it can be a task in itself because it shouldn't offend the reader or the audience. It should start with a common ground between the two and then should move on to explain the writer's perspective. Remember: when the topic is vaguely formulated (it is too long or too abstract), a true discussion is impossible.There are several things you have to avoid at any cost while developing your Rogerian argument.: a Rogerian Argument is to be employed as regards of issues which are not of entirely objective nature.Such a discussion, for instance, cannot be held regarding the fact that the Solar system is heliocentric because this is a fact beyond any dispute - it can only be repudiated by experiments, and not by expressing opinions.The views and opinions should be supported with proper reasoning as to why you're saying that. Choosing a topic for the Rogerian argument is an important part hence, choose it wisely.


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