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Krabs' song • Sandy's song • Squidward's song • Plankton's Song • Good-Bye, Atlantis • Back in Encino Shorts: Are We There Yet?

is the address of the pineapple house where Sponge Bob Square Pants, his pet snail Gary, his pet scallop Shelley, and his pet cloud Drizzle Jr. The house is three stories high and fully furnished.

It first appears in the episode "Help Wanted." The pineapple originates from land, when it fell off of a ship navigating above the sea, as seen in the TV movie "Truth or Square." There is a garage in the back of the house and two windows in the front.

His bathroom contains a square-shaped toilet, a shower/bathtub, a sink, wringer, etc. Halibut, Cooking Without Salt, and Head Shrinking for Beginners!

as well as a porthole window that looks out onto Conch Street. The library is the largest room in the house and occupies both the second and third stories. , as well as various comic books and Sponge Bob's work diary.

Puff's Boating School • Barg'N-Mart • Goofy Goober's Ice Cream Party Boat • Reef Cinema • Shady Shoals Rest Home • Mermalair • Sea Needle • Recreation Center • Bikini Bottom Recreation Center • Bikini Bottom School • Bikini Bottom High School • Bikini Bottom University • Bikini Bottom Mall • Bikini Bottom Post Office • Bank of Bikini Bottom Bank • Bikini Bottom Mint • Bikini Bottom Jail • Bikini Bottom Police Department • Police Station • Bikini Bottom Fire Department • Bikini Bottom Hospital • Bikini Bottom Airport • Bikini Bottom Library • Bikini Bottom Supermarket • Bikini Bottom Bakery • Bikini Bottom Garbage • Bikini Bottom Movers • First Nautical Bank • Bank • Court House • Bikini Realty • Hotel • Larry's Gym • Gym • The Dump • Poseidon Elementary School • Adult Learning Center • Bottom of the Hill Community • Flower arch • Bikini Bottom Zoo (Oyster Stadium) • Bikini Bottom Museum • Bikini Bottom Museum of Boating • Hook Museum • Fry Cook Museum • Stuff • Grab-it Mart • Diner • Juice Bar • Fancy!

Robin Jenkins Flowers Essay Vegetable Production Business Plan

• Kelpshake • Pizza Castle • Shell Shack • Flabby Patty Shack • Sea Chicken Shack • Rusty's Rib Eye • Stinky Burgers • Cemetery • Floater's Cemetery • KRUM • Glove World! (Sandy) Miscellaneous: DVD • Book • My Name is Cheese Head book • For The Love of Bubbles book • Online game • Theme song • Best Bikini Bottom Stories Ever! Characters and actors: Captain • Ricky Gervais • Patchy's mom • Devil Potty • Angel Potty • Rosario Dawson • Eddie Deezen • Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog • Dr.Cities/Towns Bikini Bottom (Dead Eye Gulch • Bikini Bottomshire • Planktopolis) • Encino • Rock Bottom • Bottom's Up!• Tentacle Acres • New Kelp City • Bass Vegas • Dullsville • Far-Out-Ville • Ukulele Bottom • Atlantis • Shell City • Burbank Bikini Bottom Areas Bikini Atoll • Jellyfish Fields • Goo Lagoon (Mussel Beach) • Kelp Forest • Sand Mountain • Industrial Park • Sulfur Fields • Dutchman's Triangle • Davy Jones' locker • Make-Out Reef • Mt. Bikini Bottom • Bikini Bottom Tar Pits • Mount Climb-up-and-Fall-off • Rippers' Reef • Brain Coral Fields • The County Line Bikini Bottom Residence Sponge Bob's house • Patrick's house • Squidward's house • Mr. Puff's house • Flying Dutchman's ship • Harold and Margaret Square Pants' house • Grandma Square Pants' house • Bottomite houses • Squilliam's tower • Mrs.Out back of the house, the backyard is closed in by a square of flowers, but in The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie video game (PS2/PC), Sponge Bob's backyard has boards instead.On the first floor, the house features a living room, coat closet, trophy closet, kitchen, laundry room, and a kitchen pantry.His pineapple came from a boat in "Truth or Square." As seen in Battle for Bikini Bottom, Sponge Bob's bedroom is on the first floor as Sponge Bob's house appears to only have one floor in that video game.Sponge Bob's third floor contains an escape hatch to the roof.Pods." The staircase to the third floor is also green-colored and is found next to the library.Sponge Bob's bedroom is found on the third floor, along with a hallway.Sponge Bob's bathroom is found on the second floor.The hallway contains doors leading to his library, bathroom, and gallery, as well as an additional staircase that leads to his bedroom.


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