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Under this act, the patient must have been presented all other alternatives, and they have to make the request verbally and in writing in front of others (Girsh 62).There is also a fifteen day waiting period before a patient can get a prescription for a lethal dose of drugs, and the prescription can't be filled until two days after the prescription is received (Girsh 62).

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Ferguson wrote in his book, "Would it not be more moral to allow those who do not want to continue their suffering to end the pain, and use the available resources to help those who do want the treatments" (40).

If a terminally ill patient believes resources used forcibly to help them would be better used other ways they should have that wish respected.

Assisted suicide is defined in Ferguson's book as, "The intentional act of providing a person with the medical means or the medical knowledge to kill themselves" (21).

Under some circumstances these practices can be considered ethical.

These statistics show that there are many people that support the right to die.

A patient who is dying does need more options, and they should not be forced into the only currently available decision if they don't want to, and if a person is on life support whether they should be on it should be up to them or those close to them. Girsh writes, "The request must come voluntarily from a mentally competent, terminally ill, adult resident of Oregon" (61).Two other requirements are that two doctors must validate both the diagnosis and prognosis and a mental health professional needs to be consulted if there is any doubt over the mental stability of the patient (Girsh 61-62).The debate over the right to die includes arguments over euthanasia and physician- assisted suicide. Ferguson, Jr., the author of a book titled The Right to Die, includes the definitions of the terms euthanasia and assisted suicide to help the reader better understand the differences between them and what they actually mean.Euthanasia is, "The act or practice of killing or bringing about the death of a person who suffers from an incurable disease or condition, especially a painful one, for reasons of mercy" (Ferguson 20).Having the option of physician-assisted suicide could lead to a more peaceful death for those suffering from terminal illnesses than a banning assisted suicide.In Humphry's article he wrote about a terminally ill man considering assisted suicide, "Now that he had the knowledge and the drugs, with control and choice in his grasp, he had negotiated new terms with himself concerning his fate" (n. Terminally ill people would fight longer if they knew they had the option to kill themselves and knew how it could be done (Humphry n. Having options makes it easier to fight because a person would know there is always another way if it gets too difficult to go on.Derek Humphry talks about this in his article "Voluntary Euthanasia is Ethical" and he includes seven limitations of ethical euthanasia.The first states that the person has to be an adult and they have to be proven mentally competent, and the second says the decision has to be shown to be well-thought out including making a living will and discussing their options with others (Humphry n. Humphry's third and fourth parameters express that there has to be a sensible amount of time to try to let medical assistance take place, and their doctor should be informed of their decision (n. The next two ethical limits to euthanasia in Humphry's article say the person has to make a will to dispose of their positions and that the person's plan cannot leave others with criminal charges (n. Lastly, he wrote that the patient must leave a suicide note saying that they indeed wanted this and that they take full accountability for their actions (n. Euthanasia is not a widespread problem nor would it be if rules like these were followed.This process takes a while, so the patient has a lot of time to think through the ramifications of this act.Ferguson in his book writes, "Legalization may be the best way to avoid the slide down the slippery slope" (79).


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