Richard Cory By Edwin Arlington Robinson Essay

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By stating that they looked up to Richard, the poet meant that these individuals longed to attain the same status as Richard despite their odds (Scheick 2).

The poem illustrates the irony in the lifestyle embraced by a wealthy person in which case, Richard Cory.

The poem talks about an affluent person who takes his own life and all that the people in his surrounding thought about his drastic act of committing suicide.

From the events in the poem, it could be deduced that the poet was trying to portray the actuality that outward appearances always deceived and that there was more to individuals than meets the eye.

If Richard were to have had a relationship of some kind then perhaps he would have not easily committed suicide.

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This is because the important people who become part of individuals lives would always act as some sort of drive that would direct people to do the right thing all the time.

In numerous poems, individuals created over the years persons talked about issues to do with appearances and death more often than not (Scheick 2).

However, in Edwin Arlingtons poem, Richard Cory, the author talks about a myriad of issues.

When individuals grew used to certain things over time, they were bound to become less interested in the items they were used to with time. It is precisely for the aforementioned reasons and more that the less privileged members of the society should never measure their levels of happiness based on the amount of wealth they possessed.

There is more entailed in ascertaining to individuals personal happiness than individuals possession of riches.


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