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The debts of these countries call for the IMF provisions for restructuring the economies.Despite the handouts, the urban unemployment statuses continue in the third world countries.

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Consolidation and mergers of small business to large enterprises and the business competitions for industrial growth are major causes of urbanization even when the economy is weak and countries are heavily indebted.

The IMF, World Bank, WTO and other financial institutions are highly pushing for the structural advancement and growth in the urban centres.

According to Davis (2006), the increase of the slums is fully unnoticed by the classic Marxism and other liberation theories such as neo-liberal.

The writer presents the global overview of the divers political, religious and ethnic groups or movements, fighting for personal growth and benefits at the expense of the poor.One would consider the logic behind the IMF slum structural adjustment program to be restoration of the economy especially in support of the underprivileged majority in the urban centres, but the results is an increase of populations at the centres and brain drains to rich countries.The restructuring adjustments by the IMF and World Bank were a source of displacement for the most urban populace whose destiny was the slums.Does the exponential growth of the slums have a link to the poor or corrupt administrations?Are the IMF and other handouts such as the structural assistance programs, a massive transfer of the wealth from the poor to the rich?The writing brings about data from various global locations such as Bombay where he gives the analysis of Hindu fundamentalism, Casablanca in Cairo where he talks of the Islamic resistance among others.His main question regards the role of urbanized and well off economies on the matter slums in developing countries.The writing of Davis revamps the myth of ‘self-help salvation,’ indicating irresponsible leadership in support of personal gains while the poor and middle class continues to perish.There is an indication that the battlefields between the wealthy or economically stable countries and the terrorists are occurring at the poor people peripheries (Davis, 2006).The geographically stable political elites fail to look upon and recognize the existence of problems caused by imperial social controls on the slums.What causes the urban populations to out number the rural?


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