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Unless this is the intention of the author, this use of the rhetorical question would be out of line.Use a rhetorical question as a lead-in from an introduction to the body of an essay or article.

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This type of question is frequently used by writers as part of their stylistic approach, but is considered off limits in many forms of essay writing.

Learn how you can write effective rhetorical questions. Don't write a paragraph detailing how to buy a new car, then follow it with a rhetorical question such as, "Isn't it a bummer being poor?

A rhetorical statement is actually a rhetorical question that plays the role of a statement in that it is not meant to be answered.

A rhetorical question is a figure of speech -- a tool used in writing to emphasize a point or to present a challenge.

" This question has nothing to do with the previous paragraph.

The author is offering the promise of an article that will help you buy a new car, then following it with a rhetorical question that sets the audience up for a letdown.It is important to show the relations Statements that begin like "Descartes also said …" usually indicate that the author does not know how to relate Descartess various views to each other.She or he is simply listing all of Descartes’s beliefs, one after the other. Sentence beginnings that are likely to be in a good Philosophy paper are the following: None of these Danger Signs is bad in itself.' Changing statements into questions is one of the easier strategies to utilise the use of rhetorical questions.Take a list of statements (from within the context of your units) and provide students an opportunity to rewrite the statements as rhetorical questions.Another strategy is to change actually questions into rhetorical questions.Some examples: Rhetorical questions tend to use high modality language when questions often use low modality language.When you ask a rhetorical question, you want to leave your readers room to digest the information with which you follow the question.Carl Hose is the author of the anthology "Dead Horizon" and the the zombie novella "Dead Rising." His work has appeared in "Cold Storage," "Butcher Knives and Body Counts," "Writer's Journal," and "Lighthouse Digest.".ACELA1542: Language for interaction: Understand how rhetorical devices are used to persuade and how different layers of meaning are developed through the use of metaphor, irony and parody.EN4-3B: Outcome 3: uses and describes language forms, features and structures of texts appropriate to a range of purposes, audiences and contexts (EN4-3B) - Develop and apply contextual knowledge: understand how rhetorical devices are used to persuade and how different layers of meaning are developed through the use of metaphor, irony and parody WRIC14M6: Aspects of writing, Cluster 14, Marker 6: Selects sophisticated grammatical structures to enhance quality of writing.


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