Review Of Literature On Employee Motivation

Any Institution faces the challenges of employee retention, high cost of recruitment, training, rising competition, increased rules & regulation by the government and high rate of technological growth.Also, from the perspective of employee, they feel de-motivated and overworked.

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In the fierce era of competition, organizations nowadays are more emphasizing on the management of Human Resources.

A manager capable of managing his employee effectively is a successful one.

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In general sense, motivation can be referred as a combination of motive and action.

Vroom [1] has suggested that performance can be thought of a multiplicative function of motivation and ability [2]. The model of motivation is based upon a definition of motivation as "a process governing choices made by persons or lower organisms among alternative form of voluntary activity" [1].

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“Psychological forces that determine the direction of a person's behavior in an organization, a person's level of effort and a person's level of persistence".

Jones and George [3] from the book "Contemporary Management." Employee motivation plays a vital role in the management field; both theoretically and practically.


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