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This form can also be called a research or topic proposal.From Jonathan Swift's satiric "A Modest Proposal" to the foundations of the United States government and national economy put forth in Benjamin Franklin's "An Economical Project," there are a wide variety of forms a proposal can take for business and technical writing, but the most common of which are the internal, external, sales and grant proposals.

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An internal proposal or justification report is composed for readers within the writer's department, division, or company and are generally short in the form of a memo with the intention of solving an immediate problem.

External proposals, on the other hand, are designed to show how one organization can meet the needs of another and may be either solicited, meaning in response to a request, or unsolicited, meaning without any assurance that the proposal will even be considered. Kolin puts it in "Successful Writing at Work," the most common external proposal whose "purpose is to sell your company's brand, its products or services for a set fee." He continues that regardless of the length, a sales proposal must offer a detailed description of the work the writer proposes to do and can be used as a marketing tool to entice potential buyers.

Finally, a grant proposal is a document composed or application completed in response to a call for proposals issued by a grant-making agency.

The two main components of a grant proposal are a formal application for funding and a detailed report on what activities the grant will support if funded.

Experimental conditions requiring special safety precautions such as the use of lasers, high pressure cells, bacteria, viruses, dangerous substances, toxic substances and radioactive materials, must be clearly stated in the proposal.

Moreover, any ancillary equipment supplied by the user must conform with the appropriate French regulations.

For life sciences proposals, a description of how the sample is obtained is essential.

Describe the experimental set-up and requirements, in some detail.


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