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In addition to the attractive poster format, a poster session may also be a more enjoyable way for students to interact with conference attendees.First, students should prepare a poster based on guidelines (e.g., dimensions) offered by the conference organizer.

The latter responsibility includes rewording a difficult or vague question.

In general, the moderator should support speakers and ensure a positive experience for them.

Students or teachers should ask for dimensions if they are not advertised.

To prepare the poster, Power Point offers countless attractive backgrounds; one panel (i.e., slide) is used to create the entire poster, then the single slide can be printed as large as is needed.

Across the top of the poster, the student should include the study title, author(s) and their affiliation (e.g., school) in a text box.

Across the rest of the poster, the student can organize text boxes to summarize APA sections of a paper, including an abstract, a brief introduction, the method (including surveys, if there is room), results (with graphs or tables for visual interest as well as sharing information), a brief discussion and a few key references used in the abbreviated sections. In fact, everything we know about human behavior rests on the scientific method.We communicate the importance of research in classes by discussing classic and modern studies and allowing our students to conduct their own research.Their body language should be open and inviting for people to stop when they walk by.A few cautions: This is no time to sit, eat, talk with friends or yell at people to look at the poster.Three sample poster templates have been posted on the APA websitewtswcwrq.When printing the poster (in general, a size of 3 X 4 feet is used, but again, double check with the specific conference), students or teachers should first call the copy shop to ask if the correct size can be printed.Poster sessions usually include several stand-up corkboards (standard size is 4 X 8 feet), and often each poster spot will be identified with a number that corresponds with the conference program given to attendees at the registration desk.A few minutes before the poster session begins, students should stand in front of their posters but a little to the side.Printing in black and white is fine for any conference; there is no need to spend a good bit more money on full-color posters.Some students might choose to laminate their posters if they want to save them after the conference; most print shops can laminate.


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