Research Papers Published In International Journals

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Only 5 to 10% of the manuscripts received by the journals with good impact factor are published (or accepted for publication). How can we improve the probability of our “story” to be read or published? We need a good “story”, based on a concise and clear message.

Although this idea sounds logical, a common problem that we (scientific writers) face is to summarize our complex work into a manuscript, since we usually handle with several major findings.

While it may seem difficult it is a very important step that all researchers should keep in mind, opening new possibilities for multidisciplinary approaches.

When preparing the first draft, I try to elaborate some infographics that will help me to keep the manuscript clear and concise.

I have identified different methods of improving the journal selection process to ensure the topic in the manuscript is a close-fit to the journal’s priorities.

I have used a web-based journal selector to choose a journal for my manuscript.Several scientific articles are published every day, however most readers have no time to read everything that is published.Consequently, the scientific journals work to improve the reach and acceptability of their articles in the scientific community, promoting a competition among manuscripts.This selector helped me to select journal where our paper was reviewed and accepted for review after the first revision.I have also asked more senior scientists to recommend a paper to submit our manuscripts to; two different colleague suggested AIDS Care AIDS Care and International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases where both papers were both accepted after revision based on peer-review comments.We were then informed by that the journal we chose that finally published the paper was likely to be a predatory journal.It is unfortunate we may have to exclude the evidence of all the hard work we put in and the excellent performance of our programs from our resumes.For example, a last manuscript focusing on Sport Biomechanics was assessed by a colleague of Psychology, one from Nutrition and one from Engineering.If the result is that the scope and impact are not as clear as I intended (values 1 to 3) I asked them more details to improve the quality of the manuscript.” You should pay close attention to these questions in each topic of your manuscript (e.g., introduction, material and methods, discussion).If your answer is positive, keep the information in the text; if not, simply delete it.


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