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For providing database security huge amount of money is spend, but the effectiveness of the means used is far from absolute.

Students, who are interested in such a topic, should give full consideration to the mechanisms of functioning of these systems and carefully explore the technology for their protection.

Databases are essential in that they solve problems dealing with file-oriented systems.

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Databases are secure, compact, accurate, fast, current, easy to use, and allowed easy sharing of data between multiple users.However, due to the specifics of these systems, which are basically a repository of diverse information provided to the general or limited access, the main feature that such protection required is flexibility.Some companies have a comprehensive approach to the protection of their database systems and develop methods of universal protection.So first of all you have to study thoroughly the subject of your research, and only then proceed to the presentation of your opinions on this matter.But it must be done skillfully, it is not enough to just present the results of you research, you need to show persuasive argumentation that your thoughts are worthy of attention and that the subject of your work is actually urgent.Abstract This research paper is about the importance of Database Security. How are they essential in preventing unwanted or unintended activities? This study is very significant because this issue affects overall computer security.There have been various research carried out by individual researchers as well as other institutions on this topic.Generally, in computer security, authorization specifications are essential. This study also looks into ways of authorization specification methods that are out there.Methodology This study utilizes a comparative case study as a methodology.It is necessary for young researchers to see clearly the effectiveness of a particular approach to ensure information security.Students should carefully consider the question of flexibility of software protection and explain the controversial aspects of the defense.


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