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The authors may be testing a particular theory; if so, describe the theory. Do not get bogged down in technical details, but describe in words the general issues that may be relevant to the study you’re describing.The final portion of the paper should include evaluative comments about the study.Psychology journal articles typically fall into one of three types: (a) reports of new research related to some theory, (b) review articles that summarize and tie together a number of earlier studies, and (c) theoretical papers that focus primarily on presenting a new theory.

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However, you may need to consult multiple abstracts and articles (approximately 4 sources) to locate an article that is most appropriate for this purpose.

In addition to a computer search, you should examine the literature review section of your central article (or multiples articles) to identify other closely related articles that may be most appropriate for this integrative review.

The summary should provide a brief description of the participants, methods, result, and conclusions.

Each new entry in the annotated bibliography should also state how the research is related to previous entries in the bibliography.

Professors Sue Astley and Carol Enns Consulting Librarian Mandy Swygart-Hobaugh The following assignments are designed to build psychology literacy and writing skills through a sequence of writing assignments appropriate for introductory, intermediate, and upper-level content courses in psychology.

The 100 Level assignment would be appropriate for a standard introductory survey of psychology as a discipline, requiring students to pick a particular topic area and critique a research article focused upon the selected topic.

Depending on the specific course, the number of papers a professor is requiring, and the nature of research published in the specific area (e.g., complexity, typical number of research articles per article), the assignment might require the integration of 2-3 sources or 6-7 sources.

: During the first week of the term, the social sciences librarian will conduct a workshop on the use of Psyc INFO (the major research database in psychology), Psyc ARTICLES (full-text on-line articles in psychology), and interlibrary loan options.

Papers should be typed, double-spaced, and follow the general format of research reports, with the exception that research summary and evaluation papers outlined should not include section headings (e.g., participants, method).

Papers should be approximately 3-4 pages in length and include a title page, the summary and review section, and a reference page.


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