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It should be treated as a basic right, not a privilege.Universal health care will also further economic security and opportunity because major illness and disability can hit a family’s budget hard, not only to pay for care but also because work-time may be lost.The universal health care would not truly be free because the government would raise taxes or make…

Consider the importance of common identity and value systems within a state.

What controversies and conflicts may arise (consider the Israelis and the Palestinians, for example) when nations try to form their own states?

Individuals would get the same quality of health care no matter what their income or class status is.

S would be better off with Universal health care because it would assist to close the gap between the rich and the poor.

The United States is the only industrialized nation that does not have some form of universal health care.

While other countries have declared health care to be a basic right, the United States treats health care as a privilege, only available to those who can afford it (Kao-Ping Chua).How is the control and eradication of a disease, such as AIDS, a transnational issue (an economic, social, and ethical issue)?What are the primary countries involved with this issue, and what countries have assumed leadership roles in dealing with it?However, you should be sure that the topic you do decide to research is appropriate: It should investigate and provide insight into countries' relationships, especially in terms of their intergovernmental or international nongovernmental organizations, states, multinational corporations, etc.Some general issues associated with an international relations paper would be ecological sustainability, foreign interventionism, nuclear proliferation, economic development, terrorism, organized crime, etc.Other businesses have to provide health insurance to most or all of their workers, which takes a toll on their budgets.The percentage of employers offering health insurance dropped from 69% in 2000 to 60% in 2005 (Kao-Ping Chua).You may also analyze the issue through a mixture of different theoretical perspectives.Keep in mind the conditions traditionally thought necessary for an entity to be recognized as a state; i.e., there must be a territorial base with a stable population and government recognized by these people, and other states need to recognize the entity as a state.Insurers, sellers of expensive equipment, hospital executives, labs, home-health-care services and others prosper by exploiting the chaos in our health care system (Froma Harrop).Right now, the only businesses that prosper the most are health insurance companies etc.


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