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How you place the thesis statement is also very important.

Do not shout your thesis statement to the readers with phrases such as "The purpose of this essay is to…” "The thesis statement is that…” "In this essay, I will attempt to…” These openings suggest that you are an amateur and do not have a good grip on writing a thesis statement.

You can't write an essay on sexual harassment nor can you develop a perfect thesis statement without some fundamental knowledge about sexual harassment. You are writing a college essay that will be marked by a supervisor.

If you do not have a good solid understanding of the basics of sexual harassment, it will be evident to the supervisor.

Can you picture going on a journey without a sense of direction?

The same applies to write your sexual harassment essay without a thesis statement.Having to write sexual harassment thesis statement might seem like a foreign idea to you.But with the proper guidance, you can develop the thesis statement that will add to the effectiveness of your sexual harassment essay.Thesis statement: Sexual harassment in the workplace is mainly about power, authority, and intimidation rather than sex.Stern measures such as firing the guilty party immediately and furthering the case in a law court should be carried out.As you've decided to write the best essay by reading up on what you need to know on thesis statements, it is essential to understand what a thesis statement is.A thesis statement is a sentence or two in your essay which encompasses the entire focus of your essay.Let's proceed with the primary term - sexual harassment. Simply put, sexual harassment refers to unwanted sexual advances, demand/ requests for sexual favors and other unwelcome conduct (physical or verbal) of a sexual nature.It is harassment if the conduct in question is made as a condition of the victim's education, employment, living surroundings or even participation in activities.The texts where the thesis statement is most common are essays.However, most students often appear to be at a loss when it is mentioned that they need to have a thesis statement in their college essay.


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